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The Love Your Body Workshop:

What if you never had to go on another diet ever again? What if the scale and the mirror no longer decided how you feel on any given day?

Body dissatisfaction across all genders and ages is at an all time high and the only option we've been given is to go on a diet (which fails 95% of the time). This dissatisfaction is impacting our overall health, relationships, careers and ability to simply enjoy life.

Join Health and Body Image Coach, Holly Toronto, as she discusses how having a healthy body image and learning to accept yourself today has the ability to transform your health and your life.

During this workshop, we will discuss:

  • Why diets don't work and how you can ditch them for good

  • How to feel at peace around food

  • What to do to boost body acceptance and self love

  • How to leverage that body acceptance into living the life you desire 

To learn more about Holly Toronto, Please visit our Faculty Page.

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